Blockchain Technology – Knowledge Sharing


There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by without someone talking about Blockchain, I’ve read countless articles, read a plenty of whitepapers produced from the likes of consulting firms, banks and technology solution providers.

I believe there are compelling use cases for Blockchain technology in financial services. That being said though, only time will tell and I have got my own thinking cap on here as to how to best utilize this technology.

I have my own opinions on Bitcoin and the fact that cryptocurrencies which use de-centralized controls are seen as the next big challenger to centralized electronic money and banking systems remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, I believe in knowledge sharing and over the past year and half some key industry players have published some very useful articles on the subject.

Accenture – Accenture Payment Services – Distributed consensus ledgers for payments

Barclays – Blockchain: understanding the potential

DBS – Understanding Blockchain Technology, And What It Means for Your Business

Deloitte – Blockchain: Enigma, Paradox, Opportunity

DTCC – Embracing Disruption: Tapping The Potential Of Distributed Ledgers To Improve The Post-Trade Landscape

ECB – Virtual currency schemes – a further analysis

Goldman Sachs – What if I Told You … the Blockchain Could Disrupt … Everything

IBM & FinExtra – Banking On Blockchain: Charting the Progress Of Distributed Ledger Technology In Financial Services

IMF – Virtual Currencies and Beyond: Initial Considerations

Morgan Stanley – Global Insight: Blockchain in Banking: Disruptive Threat or Tool?

PWC – Blurred lines: How FinTech is shaping Financial Services

Standard Chartered – Blockchain and T2S: A potential disruptor

UBS – Extreme automation and connectivity: The global, regional, and investment implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Author: kunalpatel085

Kunal is a complete financial technologist – FinTech Expert. Having worked in the mobile payments, mobile financial services (MFS) & telecoms industry across domains of both product development & innovation for the past 8 years. Kunal has provided his insights and product knowledge to various initiatives across three continents. He currently holds senior role at an mPOS solutions provider focused on FinTech and the mobile financial services space. A practical strategic thinker who has in-depth knowledge of the future payments and the wider commerce value chain, for how new technology can be used to connect customers and businesses through mobile, web & physical channels to provide great purchase experiences and deliver sales & loyalty. Additional Information: Kunal is an emerging markets FinTech professional in Mobile Financial Services with 8 years experience. His Experience also covers integrations & development of platforms like NFC, Electronic Payments, Mobile Payments and Mobile Commerce & Marketing, Stored Value Applications & Cards. Specialties: ► Product Development ► Future Payments ► Strategy & Innovation ► Digital Commerce ► Communication ► Leadership ► Negotiation

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